Commitment to Hokkaido

Ingredients Our wish at Sapporo Bakushindo is to share the genuine taste of Hokkaido with you.
Located in the northernmost part of Japan, Hokkaido is said to be a treasure trove of food ingredients.
Hokkaido produces the largest amount of wheat in Japan and is highly renowned for its great quality wheat.
Sapporo Bakushindo products are made from the finest Hokkaido wheat,
carefully selected by our specialists. Enjoy our fresh Hokkaido noodles with a profound flavor,
produced by a Hokkaido company with a commitment to Hokkaido ingredients.

Noodles used in ramen are broadly classified as fresh noodles and dried noodles.

Features of Fresh Noodles

Because the noodles are made without being cooked or dried, they are firm with the rich flavor and elastic texture similar to those found in actual ramen restaurants. Also, fresh noodles require only a short boiling time (1-2 minutes), making them easy and quick to prepare. A disadvantage of fresh noodles is that they have a shorter shelf life than dried noodles. The noodles blend well with the soup and are recommended for those who want to enjoy authentic ramen at home with ease.All of Sapporo Bakushindo's ramen noodles are made from these fresh noodles, so you can experience the genuine taste and aroma of noodles made from Hokkaido wheat.

Features of Dried Noodles

Dried noodles are used for instant ramen and other products. Because they are manufactured by removing water from the noodles, they have a high degree of shelf life with a consumption period ranging from six months to two years.Dried noodles require a longer boiling time than fresh noodles (about 3 to 5 minutes), and the flavor and texture are not as good as those of fresh noodles.

Features of Dried Noodles

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